Report related operations.

GET reports/paymenthistory?StartIndex={StartIndex}&MaxRecords={MaxRecords}&RangeBeginUtc={RangeBeginUtc}&RangeEndUtc={RangeEndUtc}&AmountTotal={AmountTotal}&CardLastFour={CardLastFour}&RelatedTransactionId={RelatedTransactionId}&AuthCode={AuthCode}&Rrn={Rrn}&Stan={Stan}&PaymentCardType={PaymentCardType}&DeviceAddress={DeviceAddress}&InvoiceNumber={InvoiceNumber}&ReceiptId={ReceiptId}&ClientTransactionIdentifier={ClientTransactionIdentifier}

Returns a collection of payments records from a search of an account's transaction history using a given filter (e.g., by date, by amount, or by last four digits of the payment card).


Public key related operations.

POST publickeys/keyinjection

Remote key injection to initialize payment hardware.

PUT publickeys/keyinjection/{billingIdentifier}

This endpoint is invoked to update the existing billing record after a successful keyinjection


Receipt related operations.

PUT receipts/{hostTransactionId}/signature

Saves a signature image to the receipt that is assoctiated with a successful payment transaction. Also provides a supplemental feature to send a receipt notification in one shot.

POST receipts/{hostTransactionId}/notifications

Sends receipt notification for a succesful payment transaction.

POST receipts/notifications/decline

Sends receipt notification for a declined payment transaction.

GET receipts/customer/details

Gets the receipt details for a customer.


Payment related operations.

POST payments/credit/authorization

Creates authorization for a credit transaction.

POST payments/credit/postauthorization

Creates post authorization for a credit transaction.

POST payments/credit/sale

Creates a card payment (manually-keyed or swiped card) for a credit sale transaction.

POST payments/credit/refund

Creates a card repayment (refund) for a previously approved credit sale transaction.

POST payments/credit/reversal

Reverses (cancels) any payment transaction that is still within an open batch.

POST payments/credit/adjust

Adjusts a previously approved credit sale transaction. NOTE: Subtotal, tax, tip, and surcharge amounts can be adjusted up or down (greater or less than the original amount). Credit sale transactions cannot be adjusted below zero, but there is no maximum for adjusted amounts. A transaction cannot be adjusted once it has been voided (adjusted to zero). If the description is adjusted, the original description text will be overwritten and will not appear on the final transaction, just the final, adjusted description. Only transactions still in "open batch" can be adjusted. Batched or settled transactions are modified via Refund (instead of Adjustment).

POST payments/cash/sale

Creates a cash payment record (as opposed to a card or check payment).

POST payments/cash/refund

Creates a cash repayment (refund) record for a previous sale transaction.

POST payments/check/sale

Creates a check payment record (as opposed to a card or cash payment).


Account related operations.

POST accounts/devices

Captures account information such as device name, model, hardware, platform, and platform version.

GET accounts/details/me

Gets account details for the currently authenticated user.